Data limitations

There are limitations associated with various data types in Diligent HighBond.

Item, data, and file size limits

The table below explains the item, data, and file size limits in relation to each Diligent HighBond app.

For information about Robots limits, see Robots specifications and limits.


Limits that apply to the Projects app also apply to related apps, such as Diligent HighBond for iOS or Android and Offline Projects, unless otherwise stated. For more information about related apps to Projects, see Managing user permissions in Diligent HighBond apps.

For a complete listing of Diligent HighBond apps, see Using Diligent HighBond.

Item Apps Limit
User groups
  • Launchpad
  • Projects
  • Frameworks
Projects Assurance Plans

100 per assurance plan

  • Projects
  • Frameworks
  • Assurance Plans
500 per project or framework
  • Projects
  • Frameworks

1000 per objective

Risk scoring factors Projects, Frameworks, Strategy 8
Custom risk attribute fields Strategy 10
  • Projects
  • Frameworks
  • 1000 per objective
  • 100 per narrative
  • 300 mapped to a single requirement
Related requirements Compliance Maps 300
Custom attribute fields Projects, Frameworks

5 custom attribute fields for each of the following items:

  • Planning
  • Planning Files
  • Objectives
  • Risks
  • Controls
  • Walkthroughs
  • Testing
  • Result Files
  • Issues
  • Actions
Certifications Projects
  • 100,000 Results questionnaire instances per project
  • 500 objectives, risks, narratives, or procedures / controls per certification group
Users Scheduler
  • a maximum of 50 users can be scheduled per project
  • a single user can be scheduled to a maximum of 100 phases


Phases include Planning, Fieldwork, and Results.

Files All Diligent HighBond apps, except Diligent HighBond for iOS or Android and Offline Projects
  • Maximum individual file size is 1 GB
  • In the Projects and Frameworks apps, searching for text contained within a file is not supported for files greater than 7 MB. The search operates by scanning the first 100 kilobytes of any file under 7 MB.
Diligent HighBond for iOS or Android, Offline Projects Maximum individual file size is 100 MB


For security reasons, HighBond does not accept file attachments with the following extensions: .bat, .com, .dmg, .exe, or .src.

Rich text editor fields All Diligent HighBond apps Maximum 524,288 characters
Rich text editor fields that have Citation Mode available Projects, Frameworks

Within each text editor that has Citation Mode available, the following limits apply:

  • a maximum of 400 highlights and links (total of both)
  • a maximum of 30 files per link
  • a maximum of 200 clippings per file


Citation Mode is not supported in Diligent HighBond for iOS or Android, Offline Projects, Reports, and Analytics.

Citation Mode highlights and links are displayed in Mission Control, but cannot be added.

Tables Results

Each table contains a maximum of:

  • 100,000 records
  • 500 columns


    You can import up to 100 columns at a time. More columns can then be added using linked questionnaires or exports from Analytics that use a primary key. The combined number of data columns and questionnaire columns cannot exceed 500.

  • 256 characters per field name, including blank characters (does not apply to individual data fields)
  • Time zone settings
  • Language settings
  • Database caching
  • Email domain changes
  • Other considerations

The Reports app works differently from other HighBond apps. As a result, there are a variety of limits and considerations to be aware of when using the app.

For more information, see Limitations and considerations in Reports.

Hyperlink reference card limits

In Projects, after you paste certain types of links into a rich text editor and save your changes, the editor automatically renders the link as a reference card so you can see information about it without clicking it:

You should be aware of the following limitations to this feature:

  • This feature applies to the following types of links only:
    • Narrative
    • Objective
    • Control
    • Risk
    • Control test
    • Walkthrough
    • Test plan
  • The reference card shows the link's title by default. If the link doesn't have a title, the card displays the first 255 characters of the link's description instead.
  • Up to 50 reference cards can appear on the same page.
  • Reference cards don't appear in reporting mechanisms, including Reports, one-click reports, API exports, and AN imports. In these cases, the reports contain plain URLs instead.