Subscriptions, editions, and capabilities

Depending on when you bought Diligent HighBond, you may fall under our current or previous subscription model.

Current subscription model

Diligent HighBond is a platform. Your HighBond subscription gives you access to the platform, including most of its apps and features. Depending on your needs, you add one or more solutions on top of it. You can also build your own solutions using HighBond's different configuration options.


Solutions are packages that contain, or will eventually contain, pre-built content, configurations, and/or robots. When you subscribe to a solution, you receive the current form of the solution, plus any future upgrades and enhancements we release for that solution.

If you think of HighBond as a house, solutions are the full set of furniture, linens, pots and pans, and decor that make your home move-in ready. By implementing a solution, you minimize the time needed to learn and configure HighBond and get value faster, with correspondingly lower implementation and service costs. As your organization scales and matures, you can always add new solutions to your HighBond instance.

Typically, solutions are deployed to HighBond in the form of toolkits (see below). In some cases, solutions also grant access to additional apps in HighBond that are unique to those solutions (for example, IT Risk Management (previously ITRMBond) gives you access to the Asset Inventory app, where you can manage your IT assets). Our consultants will work with you to implement solutions in your HighBond instance, as needed.

The following solutions are available:


A toolkit is a curated set of tools aimed at addressing one area of risk or compliance. For example, a toolkit might include a set of data analytics, a risk control framework, and a best practices program.

Some toolkits are free for all HighBond customers. Others require a subscription to a corresponding solution (described above) or can be purchased for a charge.

Previous subscription model

If your HighBond subscription began or was renewed prior to May 1, 2021, you probably fall under our previous subscription model. This section describes the HighBond products and editions that existed prior to launching our solution-based subscription model in May 2021.

Which subscription model you are on

  • If your subscription began or was renewed after May 1, 2021, you probably fall under our current subscription model.
  • If your subscription began or was renewed before May 1, 2021, you probably fall under our previous subscription model.
  • Speak to your account representative for assistance.

Converting to our new subscription model

Your account representative will explain your options when your HighBond subscription is up for renewal. We recommend switching to the new model soon. There is no penalty for doing so, and it may unlock new options for your organization that you don't have today.