Adding and managing users

System Admins can add users to Launchpad by sending them an invitation to join HighBond. There is no limit on how many users you can add. However, the terms of your company’s software subscription dictate the maximum number of licenses that can be assigned at any one time. 

How it works

When you add a user, an automatic email notification is sent to the user with instructions about how to sign in to Launchpad, and create a password. Once signed in, users can download software or access one or more HighBond apps, depending on their subscription.

Upon first using installed software, users are required to activate the software by signing in to Launchpad using their credentials.

Unique email address

Every internal or external user that requires access to HighBond must be added to Launchpad using a unique email address.

Email addresses are limited to 60 characters in length.

Email notification

Before users can sign in to Launchpad, they must activate their account by clicking the link in their invitation email.

If a user reports that they did not receive the email notification or accidentally deleted the email notification, a System Admin can resend the invitation email.

For more information, see Updating user information.

SSO users

Users that belong to an SSO-enabled instance do not receive an invitation email. When SSO is enabled, users can simply sign in to Launchpad by going to, clicking Sign in to a custom domain, and providing the custom domain they have been assigned.

For more information, see Configuring Single Sign-On (SSO).

Adding users with access to Reports

The Launchpad database is not synced with the Reports app. Users must open Reports once before they can be assigned access to reports, dashboards, and storyboards.

Methods for adding users

System Admins are often responsible for adding users. However, employees of companies that have their email domain defined for self-registration via Support can register themselves as users. For more information, see Self registering.

System Admins can add users using the following methods:

Method Description

Individually adding users

adds a single user at a time

Bulk adding users

adds multiple users at a time