User and company activity logging

Activity logging records all changes related to your instance of HighBond and your users. Whenever someone makes changes, an entry is logged to preserve a complete history of your company's data.

How it works

What gets logged?

The following information is recorded in the activity log:

  • type of activity
  • user that performed the activity
  • date and time of the activity
  • details of the activity

Activity types

Activities are grouped into the following types:



displays all activities related to activating and deactivating Analytics (a component in ACL for Windows) and Analytics Exchange

Group displays all changes made regarding groups, including creating, updating, disabling, enabling, and deleting groups
Launched Analytics  displays activities that show how frequently users are launching ACL for Windows (which includes Analytics, Analysis Apps, and Offline Projects) as well as the last time they used ACL for Windows
Organization displays all changes made to a specified instance of HighBond, including updates to subscription plans, branding, and security settings
User displays all changes made to users, including role changes, password and profile updates, and user creations and deletions
User OAuth Sign In shows all users that have generated access tokens to grant access to an application
User Sign In displays all Launchpad sign ins by System Admins and Users

Detailed information on activities

View detailed information pertaining to all activities, grouped by type.


Updating a user profile

You recently added a new team member, and requested that they update their user profile.

When you review the activity log, you see the following entry:

Activity Type Target Changed By Changed On
User profile update John Smith ( John Smith 08/27/2018


Only System Admins can track changes and export activity logs.

View the activity log

Open the activity log

  1. Open Launchpad.
  2. If your company uses more than one organization in Launchpad, make sure the appropriate organization is active, or select the appropriate organization from the dropdown list.
  3. Select Options > Activity Logs.

    Result The Activity Logs page opens. If you do not see Activity Logs as an option, the account you used to sign in does not have Admin privileges.

Filter users and activity types

Use any of the filter options to limit the activities shown in the summary table, and click Search:


You can combine any filter selections together to refine the list of activities displayed in the table. To clear all filters that you apply, click Clear all filters .

Filter Description Example
Search Includes all activities associated with the user name or email specified. John Doe
Activity Type

Includes all activities for the selected activity type. You can select one activity type to show.

Date range

Specifies the date range to show activity for. Activities that occurred between the start and end date are shown.

Use the arrows to scroll through periods of time. You can specify weekly, monthly, or custom date ranges.


You can retrieve activity log information as far back as October 22, 2015.

Last 30 days

View details for a specific activity

To view detailed information for an activity, select an entry.

Result The detail view for the activity or user opens and displays full contextual information. To return to the list of activities, click Back to Activities.

Export activity logs to MS Excel

  1. Open the activity log and use any of the filter options to limit the activities shown in the summary table.

    You can only export activity log information within a maximum 100 day range. The maximum export is 100,000 activities.

  2. Click Download.
  3. Click Download in the popup modal.

    Result The file saves as OrganizationName_Activity_Logs.xlsx. Any applied filters are retained in the Excel file.