Launchpad ( is a single, central location for accessing and managing everything related to your HighBond account. You can download software, access customer resources, and if you are a System Admin you can manage your company's HighBond account in the following ways:

  • Invite users in your company to HighBond
  • Remove users from HighBond
  • Revoke ACL for Windows licenses from individual users
  • View subscription information
  • Update organization settings

System Admins

System Admins are typically the primary contact that Diligent has on file for a company. When Diligent sends the welcome email to the primary contact with instructions for signing in to Launchpad, that person automatically becomes a System Admin upon sign-in.


If you do not know which person in your company is the System Admin, contact Support for assistance.


In order to use ACL for Windows or HighBond, users must:

  • be added to Launchpad
  • belong to at least one instance in Launchpad

Your company can have a single instance of HighBond, or it can have multiple instances that reflect different divisions, operating units, and your users' needs.

Inviting users

Inviting a user to an instance automatically adds the user to Launchpad.

Once added to Launchpad, users are eligible to activate an available ACL for Windows license, or access one or more HighBond apps depending on their subscription type.

There is no limit on how many users you can add. However, the terms of your company’s software subscription dictate the maximum number of licenses that can be assigned at any one time.

For more information, see Subscription types and licenses.

For information on adding users, see Adding and managing users.

Invitation email

Once a user has been added to Launchpad, the user receives an invitation email with a link to activate their Launchpad access. The user is required to fill in details (their name and password). Users added via Single Sign-On (SSO) are not required to enter a password in order to activate their Launchpad access.

If desired, the user can optionally provide additional information about their company or instance. 

All users are required to accept the Terms of Use agreement before they can access Diligent products and services.

Resending an invitation email

Users that report not receiving an invitation email should check their spam filter for emails from HighBond. Email notifications are sent from unless your company has set up a custom sender. For more information, see Set up a custom email sender. System Admins should also ensure the correct email was used to invite the user to Launchpad.

If a user cannot locate their invitation email, they can resend the email to themselves by clicking the Forgot Password link on Alternatively, a System Admin can also resend the invitation to the user from the Users page.

SSO companies

Users that belong to an SSO enabled instance do not receive an invitation email. When SSO is enabled, users can simply sign in to Launchpad by going to, clicking Sign in to a custom domain, and providing the custom domain they have been assigned.

For more information, see Configuring Single Sign-On (SSO).

Activating Analytics

Analytics licenses are automatically assigned when users install ACL for Windows, sign in to ACL for Windows, and activate Analytics.

Analytics licenses are assigned to a named user. The user can activate Analytics on multiple devices as long as the software is for their own use only. Using shared email accounts to activate Analytics licenses is prohibited, and Diligent may keep track of the activations made by named users.

Licenses for each user are defined under Options > Users in Launchpad. Under the AN Subscription column, Yes defines that the user has an Analytics license. The Activations column shows the number of devices that have been activated under one user license.

For more information, see Install ACL for Windows.

Activating Analytics Exchange

You can activate Analytics Exchange by signing in to Launchpad from the AX Server Configuration web application Activation panel, or by completing the activation procedure in the Offline Activation panel. 

For more information, see Activate AX Server.

Managing user permissions in HighBond apps

Once you invite a user to Launchpad, you can grant them access to one or more HighBond apps, depending on their subscription type. With the exception of Reports, which you can administer in Launchpad, you must grant user access within the app itself.

For more information about role-based access control, see Diligent Security.


Permissions (privileges and roles) are specific to each app. For example, a Professional Manager in Projects does not have the same access as a Professional Manager in Results. A user can have varying permissions in different apps.

Detailed information

App Information
Strategy Strategy app permissions
Projects Projects app permissions
Results Results app permissions
Robots Robots app permissions
Reports Reports app permissions