Managing your account with Launchpad

Launchpad ( is a single, central location for accessing and managing everything related to your HighBond account.


System Admins are responsible for managing your organization's HighBond account. They have the ability to add users and manage security and permissions in Launchpad. If you do not know which person in your company is a System Admin, contact Support for assistance.




Access to Diligent software available on Launchpad depends on your assigned subscription type.

Number Name Description
1 Global navigation bar
  • App Switcher quickly switch between HighBond apps and instances. For help switching between apps, see Switching between apps. For help switching between instances, see Switching between HighBond instances.
  • Your organization's name returns you to Launchpad from other apps.
  • Keyboard shortcuts view a list of keyboard shortcuts available in the current app.
  • Help and Support view Help Docs or contact Support to report an issue.
  • User profile update your HighBond profile or log out of Launchpad.
2 Options
  • Users Manage users and assigned subscription types.
  • Groups Assign the same level of access to multiple users simultaneously.
  • Activations Manage Analytics and Analytics Exchange activations for users.
  • Activity Logs Track changes related to your company and users.
  • Organization View the number of subscription types that have been assigned and see when the number of assigned subscriptions exceeds the number of subscription entitlements.
  • User Turn on or off email notifications received in Strategy, Projects, Results, and Robots.
3 Workspace, Automation, Setup

Access the various apps in HighBond. For help switching between apps, see Switching between apps.

4 Resources

Access Diligent's cloud-based platform which includes the following apps:

  • Academy
  • Community
  • Toolkits
  • Help docs
  • Support

Download Diligent's on-premise software and mobile apps:

  • ACL for Windows
  • Robots agent
  • Analytics Exchange
  • Add-In for Excel
  • Pre-built robots
  • iOS app
  • Android app