Projects app settings

Projects is an app in Diligent HighBond.

No extensive setup and configuration for Projects is required, but you must assign roles and privileges to users in Projects before they can use the app. Additional setup and configuration is optional.

How it works

Professional Managers can update project and framework settings. Project Admins can update settings that apply to all projects in the HighBond instance.

Update project settings

Update settings associated with a project.

Update framework settings

Update settings associated with a framework.

Update settings that apply to all projects

Update settings that apply to all projects in the HighBond instance.

Other optional settings you can configure

Task Description Information
Customize terms, fields, and notifications

Create your own custom project types, customize terms associated with the default project types, add custom fields, display or hide fields and tabs, and configure reminder notifications.

Customizing terms, fields, and notifications

Customize report colors and logos

Customize the branding of your report, including the report colors and logo.

Customize report colors and logos
Set up entity tagging

Set up entity tagging to report on issues or results from different cross-sections of the business and allow stakeholders at all levels of the organization to obtain the information they require.

Setting up entity tagging
Configure project statuses

Statuses identify the classification of projects based on shared qualities or characteristics. You can configure the names of the statuses to suit your organization's needs, and the statuses are used in all projects.

Configuring project statuses
Create tags for projects

Create tags to classify and filter projects.

Tagging projects
Suspend user access to the Projects app Suspend a user account if you want to temporarily restrict a user’s access to Projects, while maintaining the privileges and role assignments for the account. Suspend user access to Projects