Executing projects in Projects

The Projects app is a collection of interrelated apps in Diligent HighBond. Use the Projects app to effectively plan, manage, execute, and report your project work across your team and organization.

Features and functionality

  • Integrate common frameworks model one or more common frameworks into your daily workflow and stay current on the latest standards and regulations
  • Streamline documentation and reporting plan, manage, execute, and report on your assurance and attestation projects
  • Manage and track issues centrally manage all organizational issues and remediation statuses
  • Work in remote or offline environments access your work anywhere, capture supporting documentation, and sync information when you return online

Entity relationships

The following entity relationship diagram can help you map your processes to the Projects app.

There are three types of entity relationships:

  • One-to-one relationship - occurs when one parent entity has either zero or one child entities only. 
  • One-to-many relationship - occurs when one parent entity has multiple child entities.
  • Many-to-many relationship - occurs when multiple parent entities have multiple child entities.


Interface terms are customizable, and fields and tabs are configurable. In your instance of HighBond, some terms, fields, and tabs may be different.

Working with projects in offline environments

If you need to work in an offline or remote environment, you have two options:

Option Detailed information
Diligent HighBond for iOS or Android Diligent HighBond for iOS or Android
Offline Projects Using Offline Projects