Scheduling and tracking projects

Manage project timelines and dates, determine your organization's available resources, and view individual and team activities and their statuses.


Schedule projects

Scheduling projects involves managing timelines and dates. Using the Scheduler, you can create projects and tasks, quickly determine the risk of schedule slips, overlaps, and dependencies, and visualize project obligations as you plan.

For more information, see Scheduling projects.

Schedule resources

Project management involves gaining oversight over your team's work commitments and availability, and ensuring that teams are not over-committed or under-resourced ahead of time. Using the Scheduler, you can schedule resources to ensure you have adequate capacity to complete planned projects.

For more information, see Scheduling resources.

Track projects

Once you have set up your planning documentation and planned your initial work, you can track project activities, tasks, and progress. The table below describes different methods you can use to track projects.

Method App Description Information
Track activities Projects View a timeline of activities performed in the project and track field-level changes. Projects activity logging
Track tasks Task Tracker

Centrally track all to-dos, requests, and reviews across multiple projects.

Managing work with Task Tracker
Track review statuses and sign-offs Projects, Frameworks See the status of all reviews in a project or framework, and easily track outstanding work that needs to be reviewed and signed off. Tracking review statuses and sign-offs

Manage timesheets

Timesheets Track time spent on and outside of projects for reporting purposes. Managing timesheets
Track project progress Projects Track the progress of all projects within the HighBond instance or view detailed progress information for a specific project. Tracking project progress
View project progress charts Projects View, at a high-level, what project work has been completed and the amount of allocated project time remaining. Understanding project progress charts