Managing timesheets

Timesheets is an app in HighBond. You can manage timesheets to track time spent on the project and outside of the project for reporting purposes.

How it works

Audit, SOX, Compliance, and professional service organizations often need to track time spent on the project and outside of the project for reporting purposes. Employees can use timesheets to capture work hours related to project and non-project tasks, and record administrative time.

Managers can use timesheets to:

  • measure performance of individual resources by utilization
  • gain insight into scheduled resources allocated for a particular project including the number of hours worked
  • measure the overall profitability and return on investment (ROI) of a particular project
  • generate reports that summarize time spent on and outside of the project



Within the SOC Audit - Technology Service Organization project, you update two risks associated with a single objective and add a planning file:


You navigate to the Timesheets page, add a time entry, select the Project category, and select the SOC Audit - Technology Service Organization project. Then, you record your planning hours, and add another time entry to record the hours spent on the Entity-Level Controls objective.


The newly recorded time entry is displayed on the Timesheets page:


As a Senior Manager, you are responsible for creating and maintaining a master audit schedule and time budget. You need to confirm how much time all audit team members have spent over a period of two weeks to ensure all required audit activities were efficiently accomplished.


You navigate to the Time Report page and select the time period that the report should be based on.


The time usage report is generated:

Time entry areas

The table below describes the different areas you can use in the Projects app to record time.

Area Description Location
Timesheets page Record time associated with any project in the HighBond instance

This is the quickest and most efficient way to enter time.

The Timesheets app.

Time Tracking side panel

Record time associated with a single activity you performed in a project

Within a project, under the right side panel on the:

  • Planning tab
  • Results tab
  • Overview page
  • Risk Control Matrix / Project Plan page
  • Walkthroughs and Testing pages / Execute Procedures page


Interface terms are customizable, and fields and tabs are configurable. In your instance of HighBond, some terms, fields, and tabs may be different.

Timesheets project management tab

Record time associated with project administration and view information about:

  • the total budgeted hours for the project
  • the total time spent on the project
  • the time spent on project delays

The top right corner within any project