Reporting with the Reports app

Reports is an app in HighBond. You can use the Reports app to create custom reports from pre-assembled HighBond Views.

Features and functionality

  • Create custom reports build reports using any combination of fields provided in a HighBond View
  • Visualize data add multiple charts to a report to highlight data trends, outliers, or patterns
  • Share reports export, email, or broadcast reports to share data with others
  • Show data display reports on dashboards and presentations to present key information to relevant stakeholders

What does Reports consist of?

The Reports app consists of a series of relationships between different components. Each component in Reports serves a specific purpose and relates to other components.

Component Description Detailed information

Roles specify the level of access each user has across the Reports app. There are three roles in ReportsReport Admin, Report Writer, and Report Reader.

Reports app permissions

Content folders

Content folders are used to organize and store content (reports, dashboards, and presentations), and define who can access content. You need to create at least one content folder and one content sub folder to provide Reports users with access to your organization’s content.

Creating content folders in Reports


HighBond is the single data source that provides connectivity to the HighBond data repository for your organization. 


Views are components that define the categories and fields from HighBond that you can use to build a report. Fields are specific columns of data and categories are logical groupings of fields within a View.

Defining report data with Views


A report is a collection of fields presented in tabular format. The reports you can build depend on the data associated with a given HighBond View. You visualize report data in multiple charts.

Creating reports


Diligent provides a series of templates that demonstrate the types of reports and dashboards you can create, and the data from the HighBond apps you can include in your reports. You can copy these templates as a starting point for building out your reports and dashboards, and customize them as needed.

Copying reports and dashboards

A dashboard is a communication platform that allows you to display multiple reports and charts on a single page. Dashboards are normally organized by subject and type. A typical dashboard is designed with high level reports, with the ability to drill down to more detail, when required.

Showing reports on dashboards

A presentation is a communication platform that displays multiple reports, charts, and rich content in a single presentation. Before creating a presentation, you must create at least one report or chart to include in the presentation.

Showing reports on presentations

Limitations and considerations

The Reports app works differently from other HighBond apps. As a result, there are a variety of limitations and considerations to be aware of when using the app.

For more information, see Limitations and considerations in Reports.