Working with data in Results

Results is a remediation and workflow automation app that manages exception data, adds human context through questionnaires, and makes your monitoring continuous with triggers and metrics. In specific cases, the Results app also stores data and metadata that support other features in HighBond.

Features and functionality

  • Collaborate with others Invite a team to help investigate, remediate, and track issues identified by Data Analytics
  • Automate workflows Create triggers to automate your company's remediation process
  • Integrate questionnaire responses into data analytics Send questionnaires to gather additional evidence and analyze responses
  • Visualize data Build visualizations and interpretations to communicate your data insights and present them in storyboards
  • Provide oversight Combine preventative controls with detective controls for complete oversight over processes or programs
  • Store data Use reference tables to bring data from other sources into HighBond and reference it in the platform

Data in Results

Data security

All Results data is encrypted in transit and at rest, while all connections to the platform are secured over HTTPS. For more information, see Diligent Security.