Managing risk in Strategy

Strategy is an app in Diligent HighBond. You can use the Strategy app to identify, assess, and monitor strategic risks.

Features and functionality

  • Populate your risk universe import common key risks disclosed across a given industry and view all strategic risks in a single, dashboard view. Risks are curated and normalized from S&P 500 10-k reports, Basel, and more.
  • Facilitate team communication perform collaborative risk assessments and enable everyone to discuss and focus on the same goals
  • Visualize risks create risk heatmaps to show the most impactful view of strategic risks in your company
  • Integrate data and monitor risks automate risk assessments, track metrics, assurance, and testing results associated with strategic risks, and ensure complete coverage of all risks identified during annual assessments

Entity relationships in Strategy

You can use the diagram below to help you map your processes to the Strategy app.

There are two types of entity relationships in Strategy:

  • Direct many-to-many relationship occurs when multiple parent entities have multiple child entities
  • Indirect many-to-many relationship occurs during the assessment phase of a risk when you have multiple risks connected to multiple operating segments, and a relationship exists between the operating segment and a strategic objective


Interface terms are customizable, and fields and tabs are configurable. In your instance of HighBond, some terms, fields, and tabs may be different.