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Mission Control quick start

This quick start is intended for process owners that need to manage controls.

Where do I manage controls?

You can manage controls using Mission Control, a module that presents control information from Projects in a simplified and centralized view.

Before you start

To complete this quick start, someone on your team needs to define processes, risks, and controls in projects, and assign you access to the appropriate projects in Projects.

Before you can view control tasks information in Mission Control, control performance schedules must be defined in Projects.


1. Open Mission Control

From Launchpad, click Mission Control.

Result The Mission Control module opens.

2. Search or filter controls

Do one of the following:

  • Search for a control enter the Control ID or a keyword or phrase from the Description of the control.
  • Filter the list of controls apply one or more filters to restrict the list to a subset of controls

    Result A subset of controls displays.

3. View or update control information


Interface terms are customizable. Depending on your organization's settings, some terms may be different.

  1. Click the control description.

    The control page opens.

  2. View or update any of the following information:
    • Update the control title and description next to the control ID, update the control title, and in the Description field, update the statement about the control
    • Update control attributes under Attributes, review the properties of the control and update any information

      You can also update any custom attributes specified under Control custom attributes.

    • View the test plan under Test Plan, view details about how the control will be tested.
    • Perform a walkthrough from the Walkthrough tab, update any information
    • View control performance from the Walkthrough tab, review the control performance tasks and schedules

      Control performance is the assurance that control activities are being performed consistently. Tasks are occurrences of control activities previously performed and currently being performed. Schedules are plans that specify when control activities should be performed.

    • Perform a test from the relevant Testing tab, update the test

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