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Setting up entity tagging

Set up entity tagging to report on issues or results from different cross-sections of the business and allow stakeholders at all levels of the organization to obtain the information they require.

How it works

Entities may be business units, departments, locations, or key initiatives that are within the scope of the organization's project function. Entities have a hierarchical structure composed of parent and child entities.

Once you have set up your organization's nested entity structure, you can tag projects, objectives, risks, controls, and issues with entities. You can then:

  • use Issue Tracker to build entity-specific reports
  • view coverage across the different projects in your assurance plan by entity category or entity


Nested entities


You are a manager in a sales company and you need to report on issues related to different regions, countries, provinces, and cities. 

You define the following relationships using nested entities:


You tag a project to the North America entity and an issue within the project to the Victoria entity.


Tagging the project to the parent entity, North America, automatically tags the project with all child entities (Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver, and Victoria). You can deselect specific child entities that do not apply.

Tagging the issue to the Victoria child entity automatically tags the issue with the parent entity (North America) and any ancestral child entities (Canada and British Columbia).


Only Projects Admins can set up a nested entity structure for the organization.

Add entity categories

Categorize your organization's entities into meaningful groups.

Manage entity categories

Manage existing entities in your organization and categorize them into meaningful groups.

Add entities

Add entities to enable reporting on issues or results from different cross-sections of the business.

Manage entities

Manage existing entities to enable reporting on issues or results from different cross-sections of the business.

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