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Performing fieldwork

Performing fieldwork involves a variety activities including testing controls, documenting observations and issues, reviewing and analyzing evidence, drafting interim conclusions and recommendations, and consulting with clients and other team members, as necessary.

The Fieldwork tab

The Fieldwork tab is where the content of your project is created and organized.



Interface terms are customizable. Depending on your organization's settings, some terms may be different.


Number Name Description



access information related to each objective


Search list...

search for a specific objective


User Assigned

filter objectives by the user that was assigned to the objective

4 Assessment Surveys send Results questionnaires and aggregate responses to a single assessment in Projects



view a list of all objectives in the project


Objective details

drill down into specific areas of an objective, including Overview information, Narratives, the Risk Control Matrix, Walkthroughs, and Testing


Add Objective

add additional objectives to a project


Import Objective

import additional objectives from other projects or frameworks into the specified project.


The following diagram illustrates general steps involved in performing fieldwork in Projects. The project workflow defines the type of testing that happens:

  • Workplan projects executing procedures
  • Internal Control projects performing walkthroughs and tests

Both workflows involve activities such as identifying issues / actions, remediating and retesting issues, and work such as reviewing and signing off, requesting information, adding to-do notes as reminders, and recording time spent on project tasks.

Performing fieldwork in offline environments

If you need to use Projects to perform fieldwork in an offline environment, you have two options:

Product Description Information
HighBond (iPad app) Use HighBond on your iPad to access entire fieldwork sections and work on them offline. iPad app
Offline Projects Use Offline Projects to execute procedures/perform walkthroughs and tests in locked down network environments or in areas where there is no Internet connection available. Using Offline Projects

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