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Offline Projects quick start

This quick start is for intermediate users that are familiar with Projects, and want to use Offline Projects to conduct work while disconnected from HighBond.

Before you start

Before you can complete this quick start, you must create projects and perform work in Projects.


1. Install ACL for Windows

  1. Download the ACL for Windows installation package from Launchpad.
  2. Install ACL for Windows on your local computer.
  3. Open ACL for Windows and sign in with your Launchpad credentials.
  4. In ACL for Windows, click HighBond Project.

    Result Offline Projects opens.

2. Find a project to work with offline

  1. On the Offline Projects homepage, click Open Project.
  2. Enter a keyword or phrase in the search box to find the project you would like to work with.
  3. Select the project you need to access offline from the list.

    Result You have selected a project to work with offline.

3. Check out a section from a project

  1. Enter a keyword or phrase in the search box to find the section you would like to work with.
  2. Click Check Out beside the appropriate section.

    Result The section is checked out. The section locks into read-only mode in Projects, preventing other users from making changes.

4. Perform fieldwork

  1. Click the section name link to open the section.
  2. Update information on any of the following pages:


    Interface terms are customizable. Depending on your organization's settings, some terms may be different.

    • Overview
    • Control/Procedure List
    • Control/Procedure Definition
    • Execute Procedure
    • Walkthrough
    • Testing
    • Issues
  3. From the Execute ProcedureWalkthrough or Testing page, click the Requests side tab to view requests or download attachments related to a specific Control/Procedure

    Result You have updated information on the relevant pages.

5. Check in a section from a project

  1. Click HOME to return to the Offline Projects homepage.
  2. Click Check In next to the appropriate section.

    Result The section from the project is synced back to Projects so that the updated information can be shared with other team members.

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