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Quick starts

Quick starts provide short and simple workflows for getting started in Projects.

Available quick starts

I would like to learn about... Quick start Intended audience
the components of Projects and how they work together Projects in a nutshell Complete beginners
creating projects and setting up data in Projects Projects quick start Complete beginners
using Mission Control to manage my controls in a simplified and centralized view Mission Control quick start Complete beginners

using HighBond on my iPad to capture evidence while disconnected from HighBond

HighBond for iPad quick start Intermediate users

using Offline Projects to conduct work while disconnected from HighBond

Offline Projects quick start Intermediate users
using a framework to build a project Frameworks quick start Intermediate users

automating risk or control assessments

Automating assessments quick start Advanced users

setting up a schedule in Projects to assure that control activities are being performed consistently

Control performance quick start Advanced users

centralizing the documentation of requirements and their mapped controls and reporting on compliance status in real-time

Compliance quick start Advanced users

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