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Automating assessments quick start

This quick start is intended for advanced users who want to automate risk or control assessments and notify key stakeholders when changes occur.

Why should I automate assessments?

Automating assessments allows you to continuously monitor operational risks and controls, and keep your assessments current, in real-time. You can set metric thresholds, that, when crossed, automatically trigger a change in an assessment and notify key stakeholders to take action.

Before you start

To complete this quick start, you must be assigned as a Professional Manager or Professional User.

Before you can automate a risk or control assessment, you need to set up a project with objectives, risks, and controls. To turn on the Automate button, you or someone on your team needs to complete the following tasks:


1. Open an assessment in a project


Interface terms are customizable. Depending on your organization's settings, some terms may be different.

  1. Within a project, click the Fieldwork tab.
  2. Locate the appropriate objective, click Go To, and do one of the following:
    • To automate a risk assessment, click Risk Control Matrix.
    • To automate a control assessment, click Walkthroughs or Testing.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • If you selected Risk Control Matrix, click the appropriate risk.
    • If you selected Walkthroughs, click View/Edit beside the walkthrough.
    • If you selected Testing, click Update Test beside the test.

    Result The risk, walkthrough, or test page opens.

2. Select the assessment to automate

  1. Scroll down the page.
  2. Next to the appropriate field, click Automate AssessmentType :
    Assessment typeField
    WalkthroughIs the control designed appropriately?
    TestDid this Control operate effectively?

    Result The Assessment Drivers side panel opens.

3. Create an assessment driver

  1. Click the Select a Metric... drop-down list to specify the metric that will be used to populate the value of the field associated with the risk, walkthrough, or test.
  2. Select the appropriate operator and define the conditions that need to occur for the risk or control assessment to automatically update to the specified value.

    You can use Tab to quickly move vertically down the right column.

  3. Click Save.

    Result The risk or control assessment is automated:

    • Risk assessment
    • Control assessment

    The assessment is automatically updated whenever the metric value crosses a specified threshold, and stakeholders are notified by email when changes to the assessment occur.

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