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Control performance quick start

This quick start is intended for internal and external audit teams that need to set up a schedule to assure that control activities are being performed consistently.

Why should I set up a schedule?

Setting up a schedule allows you to evaluate how a control is performing. You set up a schedule to send Results questionnaires to control performers, and aggregate responses for analysis. The responses you gather helps to inform testing, and may determine whether or not the control is operating effectively.

Before you start

To complete this quick start, you must be a System Admin with a Professional subscription in Launchpad, and you need to define controls within a project.


1. Enable control performance

  1. Within a project, click Settings.

    The Project Settings subtab opens.

  2. Next to Control Performance, select Enable, and click Save.

    Result Control performance is enabled in the project and a collection is created in Results.

2. Create a questionnaire

  1. Click the collection link next to Control Performance.

    The collection opens in Results.

  2. Add the questionnaire you want to sent to control performers, and click Save.
  3. Build the questionnaire by adding questions, and click Save.

    Result The questionnaire is ready for you to send to control performers.

3. Select the questionnaire to send to control performers


Interface terms are customizable. Depending on your organization's settings, some terms may be different.

  1. Within a project, navigate to the appropriate Execute Procedure or Walkthrough page.
  2. Scroll down to the Supporting Files section, and under Control Performance, click New Schedule.

    The Schedule side panel displays.

  3. Select the questionnaire you want to send to control performers and click Save and Continue.

    Result You have selected the questionnaire to sent to control performers.

4. Define the schedule

  1. In the Title field, provide a name for the schedule.
  2. In the Performers field, do any of the following:
    • To specify a person that is not a licensed user, enter the email address of the person, and hit Enter on your keyboard.
    • To specify a person that is a licensed user, begin typing the name of the person, and select the person from the list.
  3. Optional. In the Procedure field, specify the steps for performing the control.
  4. Schedule when control performers should receive the questionnaire, and click Save and Continue:
    • To send the questionnaire once you save the schedule, select Send the questionnaire immediately.
    • To specify how often the questionnaire should be sent, define the frequency.

      The default Frequency value correlates to the Frequency value specified in the control's attributes.

      Result The schedule is defined.

5. Review and save the schedule

  1. Review the schedule you have defined.
  2. Optional. Click Edit next to the appropriate section to make any updates.
  3. From the Review step, click Save.

    Result The schedule is setup. Control performers receive a questionnaire on the specified schedule, and responses are aggregated and displayed on the Execute Procedure or Walkthrough page.

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