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Release notes 2018

Monthly updates on new enhancements and features that have been released.

December 2018

Enhancements to scheduling projects and control performance, and fixed an issue in the ACL GRC mobile app.

November 2018

Define an assurance plan to execute on the key objectives of the organization, and manage timelines and dates using the new Scheduler.

October 2018

Configurable project statuses, official release of the new Projects homepage, and ACL GRC mobile app for iOS 5.4.6 release.

September 2018

Projects homepage enhancements, control performance improvements, and Citation Mode limitations.

August 2018

Enhancements to Task Tracker and ACL GRC mobile app for Android 2.3.4 release.

July 2018

Import risks from projects or frameworks, search for text contained within an uploaded file, link text to a specific section (clipping) within a supported file type using Citation Mode, and use Citation Mode on a variety of pages in Projects.

June 2018

Ability to customize the term for testing, Control Title field added to testing pages to provide further details about controls, and ACL GRC mobile app for iOS 5.4.5 release.

May 2018

A redesigned Projects homepage experience, new ability to cite evidence, new functionality for scheduling control performance, and a new Mission Control module for managing controls.

April 2018

Nothing new to report this month.

March 2018

Configure automated walkthrough and control test assessments.

February 2018

Edit Microsoft documents online using any supported browser, configure date fields and new custom attribute fields, and other enhancements.

January 2018

Enhancements to Compliance Maps.

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