Advanced use of functions

Once you understand the basics of how Analytics functions work, you're ready to learn how to use them throughout Analytics.

The tutorials in this section show you how to use functions in computed fields, embedded in commands, and in scripts. The true usefulness of functions will become apparent as you start to use them with these core Analytics features.

Don't worry if you aren't familiar with computed fields or scripts. You will be introduced to them in the course of the tutorials.


Using functions in these other situations is a little more involved than the usage presented in previous tutorials. However, the functions themselves behave in exactly the same way.

Remember that you can quickly and easily test any function in the Analytics command line to see what it does: Familiarizing with different functions.

Short tutorials

The tutorials are designed to be completed in sequence:

Learn how to . . . Tutorial
Apply a function to all the values in a field

Using a function to group records by month

  • Applying a function to all the values in a field:
    • by creating a computed field
    • by embedding a function in an Analytics command
Use variables with functions

Using variables with a function to allow user input

  • Brief overview of variables
  • Using variables as inputs for a function
Use functions in a script

Putting it all together: using functions in a script

  • An interactive script that makes use of a number of functions

Basic use of functions

For an introduction to the basic use of functions, see How to use functions.