How to use functions

Even if you are a new or basic user of Analytics, who doesn't write scripts, functions can give you some simple and effective ways to work with data.

Functions can be used in a number of different areas of Analytics – in filters, in computed fields, in expressions within commands, and in scripts. Don't worry if you aren't familiar with some of these areas. You will be introduced to them as part of the instruction in how to use functions.

Short tutorials

Taken together, the short tutorials in this section provide a solid introduction to Analytics functions, and show you how to use them to achieve some useful things.

You can work through the tutorials in sequence, or do only the tutorial that meets your immediate need:

I would like to . . . Tutorial
Understand what a function is

What is a function?

  • Conceptual understanding of a function
  • The three basic parts of a function
Learn an easy way to familiarize with any Analytics function

Familiarizing with different functions

  • How to quickly and easily familiarize with any Analytics function
  • Common errors when using functions
Learn how to filter or search data using functions

Using functions to create filters

  • Brief overview of filters
  • Using functions to:
    • filter by date
    • filter by multiple values
    • filter by fuzzy values
Learn how to clean or prepare data using functions

Using functions to clean data

  • Brief overview of cleaning data
  • Using functions to:
    • remove blank spaces
    • remove unwanted characters
Learn how to increase efficiency and power by combining functions

Cleaning and filtering data at the same time

  • Introduction to nested functions

Advanced use of functions

Once you understand the basics, additional tutorials explain the various ways you can put functions to use throughout Analytics.

See Advanced use of functions.