Switching between apps

Diligent One is comprised of various cloud apps that each fulfill a specific purpose. You may also have access to Analytics, a desktop application. You will almost certainly find yourself switching between apps as you go about your work.

Switching apps from Launchpad

From the Launchpad homepage (www.highbond.com), click the app you want to open.

Switching apps from other places in Diligent One

  1. From most places in Diligent One, click the app switcher in the global navigation bar. The side panel opens.
  2. Click the app you want to open. That app opens in your browser.

Accessing Analytics

To open Analytics, open the ACL for Windows application on your machine. If you have not installed ACL for Windows, see the ACL for Windows Installation and Activation Guide.

If you do not see the app you want

There are a few reasons why you might not see the app you want to open.

  • That category of app is hidden. Check the chevron icon beside each category title and make sure it points up. If it points down, click it to see the apps in that category.
  • Your organization's subscription does not include that app.
  • You lack the permissions to use that app. Talk to your Diligent One System Admin about getting the access you need. If you do not know who your System Admin is, contact Support for assistance.
  • You are in an instance where you don't have access to that app, for one of the reasons above. If you have access to multiple instances of Diligent One, you can switch to an instance where you do have access to that app. For help with this, see Switching between Diligent One instances.