What is Diligent HighBond?

HighBond is an enterprise governance software platform that creates stronger security, audit, compliance, assurance, and risk management. Teams can organize their activities in a centralized workflow, and aggregate data for real-time decision-making and reporting.

Where can you use HighBond?

You can use HighBond to manage every aspect of your governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) program in one platform.

Use Case Description

Audit management

Strategically align audits to your highest priority risks, streamline repetitive tasks, and deliver continuous assurance and monitoring.

Consolidate all findings found across audits to track remediation efforts, and create one-click reports to keep stakeholders informed.

Compliance management

Demonstrate compliance in less time with automated risk management, pre-configured regulatory and controls content. Automate critical compliance workflows and let advanced analytics monitor and test your controls.

Monitor metrics such as KPIs, KRIs, and KCIs to spot trends or outliers, and trigger alerts if thresholds are met.

SOX management

Simplify, centralize, and accelerate your organization’s Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) program. Achieve SOX compliance in less time with greater assurance. Improve collaboration and surface greater insights with centralized SOX management.

Internal Controls Management Improve the efficacy of your internal controls by taking the leap from outdated manual processes to continuous automation. Monitor and test controls continuously, and provide independent, real-time assurance that risks are managed at every level of the business.

Enterprise risk management

Identify, monitor, and manage risks, report on results, and continuously evolve the process to improve compliance, increase public confidence, and meet your business goals. Show the executives, boards, and oversight committees what can derail objectives and potential mitigation efforts.

Continuous monitoring

Automate a business process, schedule an analysis, and remediate and report exceptions. Automate repetitive tasks and free up time and resources for you and your team to perform work of a more strategic nature.

IT risk & compliance management

Deploy an intelligent, end-to-end IT risk and compliance management program to prevent, identify, and mitigate risk. Manage threats and vulnerabilities to prevent costly data breaches and build risk resilience.

Automate escalation and case management with workflow rules and triggers, and use task assignment and routing capabilities to configure review assignments, and capture notes and activities.

Third-party risk management

Keep track of third parties, send assessment questionnaires, and prioritize remediation efforts. Assess, monitor, and mitigate the risk posed by your growing number of third parties and prevent costly data breaches.

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) program

Manage, monitor, and report on your organization's ESG directives. Streamline the collection of relevant ESG data, confidently disclose to regulators, and continuously monitor and improve ESG outcomes.

How is HighBond different from other GRC tools?

HighBond is different from other GRC tools on the market and we're proud of this. Here's how we're different:

Configuration over customization

HighBond is a more prescriptive platform, driven by years of insight after working with customers who discovered what works and what doesn't. HighBond has many configuration options, but we avoid complicated webs of customization and bespoke GRC environments. Many of our most enthusiastic supporters came to HighBond after fighting with or ignoring an expensive, bespoke GRC environment because it didn't deliver the value they hoped for.

Data security

Ensure your data is safe, compliant, completely confidential, and always available. Keep your data secure, available, and strictly confidential. Protect your data with industry-leading secure software. HighBond is built on refined principles and practices and supported by strong security controls to ensure your GRC program runs safely and smoothly.

Plug-and-play platform

Save time and costs with pre-configured solutions, content, and robotics toolkits. Get up and running quickly, increase adoption across your organization, and easily scale your work up or down with a platform that comes configured to your needs.

Cloud architecture

As a cloud platform with quick time to value, we pride ourselves on building an intuitive and beautiful web-based product, so you can focus on solving the problems of governance, risk, and compliance instead of spending your time maintaining the system.

Advanced analytics and data automation

Effectively identify and assess risk in real time with integrated analytics. HighBond's built-in data automation abilities mean the entire GRC process, from risk assessments to fraud detection to asset tracking, can be highly automated.

HighBond integrations

Easily combine data from all your favourite systems and software. Centralize, scale, and streamline your GRC platform. Easily integrate data from internal systems of record and third-party providers to eliminate manual pulls, gain organizational alignment, uncover deeper insights, and harness the tools you already use.


Get deep data insights and real-time visibility at a glance. Use customizable storyboards with powerful data visualizations to get a better understanding of your GRC landscape and improve visibility across your organization. Use a variety of robust reporting capabilities, including one-click reports, and the ability to create custom reports, dashboards, and storyboards.

Professional services and support

Implement a best-in-class GRC program with help from our team of trusted experts. Have continuous access to industry-leading advisory and support services that are tailored to your unique needs. Keep your GRC program running smoothly around the clock and connect with a real human, on any issue, to avoid costly disruptions.

How HighBond fits into the larger product ecosystem

HighBond universe diagram

Setup information

Access to HighBond requires a subscription and a supported browser. To access installed applications that integrate with HighBond, see the following topics.

Supported languages

Diligent HighBond supports the following languages:

  • English
  • Deutsch
  • Español
  • Français
  • 日本語 (日本)
  • Português (Brasil)
  • 简体中文