Compliance Management

A recommended approach to managing compliance, using the Diligent HighBond platform.

Compliance management overview

Every regulated organization needs a strong compliance program. Compliance requirements often drive business processes. They also help organizations proactively identify risks.

Challenges and opportunities

Many organizations commit to conducting business in conformity with the regulations and standards that apply to them.

However, compliance management is complex and ever-changing, and often leads to duplicated efforts. It isn't just about showing that requirements have been met. It also involves demonstrating how the requirements are met, and what structured programs are in place to enable ongoing compliance.

People involved in compliance management

The people involved in compliance management include:

  • the Chief Compliance Officer and Head of Compliance
  • Compliance Associates, Compliance Analysts, Compliance Directors, Compliance Officers, Compliance Assistants
  • Audit Executives, and Information Officers
  • Audit, Compliance, Executive, and Information Security Managers
  • Other professional staff

Doing it in Diligent HighBond