Robots and Robots Agent administration

Robots is a HighBond app that also forms part of the ACL Robotics product suite. Robots administration includes user and agent management for the app.

For companies with an on-premise Robots Agent, administration also includes verifying that system requirements are satisfied on the server running the installed agent, and that server security is properly configured.


For information about assigning roles and permissions to users in Robots, see Robots app permissions.

For information about using Robots, see Automating work with Robots.

Does management of a Robots Agent apply to me?

Management of a Robots Agent is not required for some customers. If either of these situations describe your use of Robots, agent management does not apply to you:

  • Professional Edition You are using ACL Robotics Professional Edition.

    Professional Edition does not allow use of an on-premise Robots Agent. The only management task that you may need to perform is switching between non-Unicode and Unicode editions of the cloud-based Robots Agent. For more information, see Character encoding used by the Robots Agent.

  • Python/HCL scripts You are using only HighBond robots or Workflow robots and Python/HCL scripts. You do not use ACL robots with ACL scripts.

    Python/HCL scripts do not use the Robots Agent. They use a cloud-based Python engine located in the HighBond AWS environment and not accessible to customers. Management of the Python engine is not a customer responsibility.

ACL Robotics architecture and workflow

The ACL Robotics architecture and workflow differs depending on the type of Robots Agent in use.

Organizations with ACL Robotics Enterprise Edition have the option of using an on-premise Robots Agent or a cloud-based Robots Agent.

Individuals and organizations with ACL Robotics Professional Edition are restricted to a cloud-based Robots Agent only.

On-premise Robots Agent Cloud-based Robots Agent

Current version of cloud-based Robots Agent

The current version of the cloud-based Robots Agent is 16.1.0. Diligent updates the cloud-based Robots Agent to keep it in sync with the currently released versions of Analytics and the on-premise Robots Agent.

Version alignment between Analytics and an on-premise Robots Agent

If your organization uses an on-premise Robots Agent, a best practice is to develop analytic scripts in a version of Analytics that matches the version of your Robots Agent. Using matching versions is not a requirement. However, scripts will fail if they include newer ACLScript functionality not supported by an older Robots Agent.

Administration tasks


You must be a Robots Admin to perform user management. You must have the Manage Agent permission to perform agent management. For more information, see Robots app permissions.

Task type Tasks and task information
Review specifications and limits Robots specifications and limits
User management
  • Assign Robots app roles
  • Assign the Manage Agent permission

See Robots app permissions

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